The Learning Partnership

About us: We are business psychologists and HR specialists, The Learning Partnership addresses the most basic driver - Human Behaviour - and its impact on achieving business results. We engage with senior leaders to apply proven tools and techniques to achieve competitive advantage.

Our Expertise: is in shaping a high performance culture by driving the connection between behavior and superior strategy execution.

Our Methodology:  We specialize in aligning critical leadership behaviours to strategy execution. We are licensed providers for Continuous Learning Group. CLG is the most successful behavioural based consultancy firm in the US.

Our Experience: We have worked with over 250 CEO’s and their senior teams in Ireland.


Our belief is that ‘New Results require New Behaviour - Nothing changes until behaviour changes.

Our mission is the ‘Alignment of Behaviour to Business results.’

Our vision is to bring real value to our clients by applying the principles and techniques of Applied Behavioural Science to the challenge of strategy execution and culture change.