Our Solutions

Using the principles of applied behavioural science and our proven solutions, The Learning Partnership challenges and supports organisations to address the following questions:

Improving leadership impact

Are you and your leaders equipped with the right tools and behaviors to effectively execute your strategy?

WHAT we do
We believe that leadership behaviour is core to business success. This may seem like common sense but is in our experience seldom common practice.

The learning partnership will work with you to develop the leadership capability of key top executives through the application of proven powerful tools and techniques grounded in the principles of Applied Behavioural Science.

We are successful in applying behavioural science coaching to over 250 scaling companies and their executive teams across all sectors in Ireland, including the international context.

HOW do we do it

  • Customised individual and team 360 feedback
  • Personalised Coaching action plans
  • Coaching high potential Executives
  • Navigating New Leader transitions
  • Senior Team Coaching

Executing on Strategic Intent - Aligning Behaviour to Business Results

Are you focused on the critical few priorities to deliver superior business results? Are you clear on the critical few leadership behaviours needed to get you there?

WHAT we do
We clarify strategic goals and business opportunities, establish realistic priorities and agree progress milestones. We work to align critical behaviours to critical results in senior leadership teams.

HOW we do it

  • Diagnostic strategic frameworks
  • Build tangible road maps for execution
  • Establish leadership team alignment
  • Identifying metrics for success
  • Developing customized competency frameworks
  • Developing customized behaviours maps

Developing a high engagement culture, managing and leading change

How do you foster the winning environment to achieve the right results the right way? 

WHAT we do

Leaders who are change focused understand that the single biggest challenge to implementing change is entrenched culture. Cultures get established whether we want them or not. Our experience is that you must ‘shape’ your culture, as it is key to your competitive advantage.
We help your organisation by teaching your leaders the art and science of designing work environments where people are motivated to excel. The Learning Partnership will help you create a high performance culture by ensuring that critical path behaviours are identified and developed leading to desired business results.

HOW we do it

  • Behaviour based culture diagnostic and roadmap
  • Utilising culture as a competitive advantage
  • Creating a feedback rich culture
  • Mapping Behavioural alignment



Our methodologies address the most basic business driver -  human behavior -and its effect on the three overall goal’s critical to the success of any organization.

  • Improving leadership impact
  • Executing on Strategic Intent - Aligning Behaviour to Business Results
  • Developing a high engagement culture, managing and leading change




Our practical skill building workshops include:

  • Applied behavioural science and the process of ‘shaping behaviour’
  • Coaching skills for strategy execution
  • Feedback skills embedded in the behavioural approach
  • High Impact conversations and communication
    Improving the impact of performance management
  • Addressing underperformance