Our Unique Approach

Chartered Business Psychologists with 40+ years combined experience. Learning Partnership invite you to consider the mind-set, capability and behavior required to bring about success and sustainability in your business.

We challenge you to have those ‘key’ conversations to bring about behavioral and cultural changes both from a personal and professional perspective essential to drive superior sustainable business results.

We apply psychological principles that enable you to discover and unlock the behavioral breakthrough that translates into real-time business results, enabling you manage complexity and leverage opportunity with agility and skill.

We help you to make the implicit – explicit, bringing common sense principles into common practice in your business to support the development of people to better align multiple and sometimes competing priorities.

If you’re ready to make that decision, contact us to discover how business psychology applied to strategy execution can bring you and your business more sustainable results and success

What we do

We deliver 3 core transformational solutions to your business.

Leader Catalyst

A transformative process positively impacting on your Mindset and Behaviour as a leader.
  • Are you as a CEO or senior leader equipped with the Mindset, EQ and understanding of human behaviour to consistently execute your strategy?
  • How do you get your people engaged and involved in implementing the company’s vision and business plan?
  • Do you as a leader feel energised about leading and driving the right culture in your organisation for competitive advantage?
  • How do you implement change that will stick? How do you pinpoint and shape high impact leader behaviours for successful strategy execution?
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Behavioural Coaching Catalyst

A structured programme building Behavioual coaching fluency to achieve breakthrough results.
  • How do you build high quality behavioural coaching capability?
  • How do you enable key performers to stay focused on the ‘right’ things?
  • How do your leaders inspire, align and sustain high impact behaviours?
  • How can you leveage behaviour based coaching to move the needle on key business results and measures?
  • What is your ability to understand and shape behavior?
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Culture Catalyst

Develop a cultural roadmap to accelerate your ability to execute successfully on strategy.
  • Is your organisational culture fit for purpose?
  • How aligned is your culture with your Strategic choices?
  • How confident are you in defining your desired culture ?
  • What are the unintended consequences of misaligned culture ?
  • How aware are you of your own leadership culture?
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We are Chartered Business Psychologists with over 25 years of experience in organisations. We have worked with hundreds of CEO’s and their Executive teams to refine and customise a concrete and integrated approach to improving leadership impact and business results. We believe in the alignment of behaviour to business results.

Leader Catalyst Coaching is an energising systematic process enabling senior leaders to achieve sustainable business results with more agility and resilience. Our proven methodology of working in organisations is grounded in 100+ years of research in Psychology and Applied Behavioural Science. Building on our deep understanding and fluency of human behaviour, we have developed a pragmatic program and approach to leadership and performance improvement. Our signature offering applies proven psychological concepts in creative ways to leverage the power of behaviour in organisations, leading to sustainable business results.
Our Unique way of working with clients creates nimble, aligned and energised leaders. Ultimately Leader Catalyst Coaching leads to better understanding of your people, yourself and your business.

Leader Catalyst Solutions includes three Offerings: One to One Executive Leadership Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching and High-Potential Coaching. All three offerings are inclusive of a suite of diagnostics assessment; Our signature 360 Feedback process, EQ and Personality assessment. 


Built on the Psychology of behavioural science, Coaching Performance Catalyst is a powerful structured program explicitly making clear the connection between the behavior and motivation of performers and the results they achieve. 

We believe that, at an individual leadership level, strong performance a given. However, the ability to coach for sustained high performance needs to be at the core of a leader’s skill set.  

As Chartered Business Psychologists, we have coached leaders for over 25 years, on ‘how to’ unlock the power of behavior in themselves and others, ‘how to’ pinpoint the critical few high impact behaviours, and ‘how to’ systematically coach, motivate and position talent to ‘Make things Happen’. 

With Coaching Performance Catalyst, you will achieve the right results the right way, foster a collaborative environment and accelerate your own ability to drive and sustain change. 


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – P Drucker

Every leader we have worked with over the past 25 years knows instinctively this to be true.  The challenge in our experience however, is ‘how to’ shape culture for competitive advantage. Deep, lasting focus on culture change requires the development of an integrated roadmap that remodels a company’s behavioural systems. In our world, culture is defined as  “a pattern of behaviours that are encouraged or discouraged by people and by systems over time”. 

Your role of leader is to create ‘norms of behaviour’ that support sustained high performance and business results that happen consistently when you are not there. Learning Partnership work with you to build on the best aspects of your existing culture, to identify your desired culture and develop a roadmap for change using the common sense principles of the psychology of human behaviour and Applied Behavioural Science. 

In our experience once you commit to focusing on aligning culture with your Leadership and Strategic choices the results can be swift and dramatic leading to tangible improvements in performance. 

Our Clients

Our clients are typically CEO’s, CFO’s and senior teams across all sectors.

What our clients say

“ Learning Partnership quickly built credibility by demonstrating clear value add and empathy for each senior manager participant. They built trust, skill and confidence within the senior team to open difficult issues and to move forward together.”

MD, FoodServices

“ Arising from the Enterprise Ireland Strategic Leadership 4 Growth Programme with Charles O’Reilly – Stanford. We had a dawning realisation that in order for Vision 2015 to succeed, we would need to materially affect a culture change We worked with The Learning Partnership to identify the mechanisms that would lead to this culture change introducing a new Performance Management framework that would align overall company objectives with group and individual performance, providing us with the necessary measurement to guide us on our journey.”

CEO, Software
“ The work I undertook with Learning Partnership, will I believe have one of the most profound effects on our organisation as we look to scale and grow – an immeasurable contribution.”
CEO, Software
“ A shared strategic language has enabled better quality conversations and the pace of project execution has increased”
CEO, Engineering
“ Our shared sense of business Direction is much improved and more clearly understood across the business. Alignment of business priorities/projects is much improved within and between managers/functions.”
CEO, Software

Our Track Record

From 2006-2018 Learning Partnership in collaboration with their Strategic Partners , Continuous Learning Group, (world leaders in behavioural science consultancy) have delivered Business advisory and leadership coaching services on Enterprise Ireland’s Flagship Leadership4Growth programme. In this role we have delivered Business Advisory Coaching to support 9 CEO programmes and 3 CFO programmes, reaching a population of almost 300 CEO’s, 90CFO’s and their executive teams. Learning Partnership have collaborated with 3 of the top business schools Stanford GSB, DUKE CE, and IESE Business School to bring world-class thinking out of the classroom into organisations, to provide leaders and their teams with the tools and methodology to compete and grow on the international stage.

We continue to support participant companies post their engagement with L4G.

About CLG Alula. CLG is a worldwide leader of behaviour-based strategy execution and performance improvement consulting. ‘High Impact Behaviours sm‘ is a registered service mark of CLG.

Our Vision

To bring our integrated experience as Chartered Occupational Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists and Business Advisor Coaches to energize and develop leaders to build a motivating culture for competitive advantage.

Lorraine Reid

Lorraine Reid is a Chartered Business Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. She blends her expertise in psychological models and deep business experience to develop CEO’s and their senior leaders to achieve the behavioral and culture change necessary to support the execution of the organisation’s Vision and Strategy. Her focus is on developing and sustaining superior performance and growth. 

Shenaz Kelly Rawat

Shenaz Kelly Rawat is a Chartered Business Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist and Executive Coach with a depth and breadth of experience in Leadership and Strategy execution. Her expertise is in scaling the leadership capability of the individual CEO and team to drive execution of business strategy through enabling them to assess, build and shape culture for competitive advantage. 

Our trusted partners

Learning partnership brings together a unique community of Occupational Psychologists and experienced business professionals to deliver gold standard solutions to address your business challenges of Leadership, Behaviour and Culture.

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    “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence then is not an act. It is a habit”